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Indiabulls Home Loan

on May 24th, 2012 in Home Loans tagged

In this world of ever increasing demands and cut throat competition, the concerns of any consumer are not limited to just getting an affordable home loan option. In addition, the consumer now wants the home loan procedure to be both speedy and secure. If you are one of those rational consumers with this new outlook then Indiabulls home loan is the right option for you. Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd., a subsidiary of Indiabulls Financial Services Ltd. is a leading provider of home loans. With over 300,000 satisfied customers, Indiabulls Home Loan is emerging as a preferred brand in housing finance.

Indiabulls offers home loans at attractive interest rates and flexible tenure to both salaried and self employed individuals. With competitive floating interest rate of as low as 10.25%, it is one of the best deals in home loans available today. Keeping the benefit of the borrower on priority, Indiabulls calculates the interest on your monthly rest. To better understand this you need to know that your EMIs constitute of two components – principal and interest. If the interest is calculated on your monthly rest, the principal on which interest is calculated is reduced every month during the repayment tenure. This directly influences the interest portion of your EMIs and lead to a significant amount of savings. To understand this better and keep a track of your loan, an amortization schedule is available that provides the break-up of every EMI towards repayment interest and outstanding principal of your loan.

The recently launched scheme of offering home loans in just 48 hours has set a new benchmark for the housing loan industry. This special scheme is available in nearly 140 towns and cities across India with door step service. With Indiabulls you can apply for a loan even before you have finalized the property. The loan amount is sanctioned based on your repayment capaccity. Home loans are given for the tenure of up to 20 years for salaried individual and up to 16 years for the self-employed. The minimum amount that can be availed is Rs. 5 Lakhs. To further ease your mind, Indiabulls home loans come with an option of insurance on it.

Home loans by Indiabulls can be availed for purchasing an already constructed house, purchasing a residential plot or for re-financing existing loans taken from other banks or housing finance companies. These also offer you the benefit of availing tax benefit like the other housing loan options. If you avail a home loan from Indiabulls, you can claim tax benefits on both the principal and interest components of the home loan as per the Income Tax Act.

You can breath easy with Indiabulls Home loans at your service. Owning a home is one of the most cherished dreams of any individual and Indiabulls home loan is an excellent avenue for that dream to come true. When taking a decision of making a large investment like moving into your own house, Indiabulls Home loan provides you all that you need today – speed, secure, cheap, reliable and accurate.

Please use the Indiabulls Home Loan Calculator on the right to instantly calculate your home loan EMI under different scenarios by varying the interest rate and loan tenure, and then call us on +91 9716147450 to get a home loan at attractive interest rates.